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Structure & Cosmetics by The Brunettes

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Structure & Cosmetics, The Brunettes' third album, is an album that eschews much of the bright, candy coating that characterised their previous efforts in favour of a more subtle, sophisticated palate of colours. As a result, it’s a darker, more melancholy affair than its younger siblings, although you’ll still find uptempo moments to make you clap your hands and dance. (See resplendent album opener B-A-B-Y.) Recorded in Los Angeles, Portland (with some help from new label mates The Shins), New York and Auckland, there’s a certain jaded homesickness to songs like “Small Town Crew” and “Obligatory Road Song”. But, it’s not all introspection. There are songs about aliens, teen idols and hair care products, amongst other things. And then there’s “Stereo (Mono Mono)” – a collaboration with Flying Nun and Lil’ Chief legend Edmund McWilliams (AKA Ed Cake) about the love between the left and right speaker of your stereo. However, the defining moment of the album is it’s final, “The Secretary” referencing title track. Sounding like a post-apocalyptic Nancy & Lee, the song’s ominous imagery of black shag pile carpet, discipline, submission and argyle will certainly confound the expectations of anyone who thought the band were just about holding hands and feeding ducks.

Released by Lil’ Chief Records on July 30, 2007

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