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Down At Your Life by Shaft

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It took Shaft the best part of 12 years to release their first full length album, 2004's Open Sesame, so the two years gestation of Down At Your Life is nothing short of miraculous! Featuring 10 fantastic soulful rock'n'roll songs from the pen of living legend Mr. Bob Cardy, this is the perfect Saturday night record. Bob has a incredible way with words, and his lyrics are some of the wittiest you'll ever hear. Stephen Malkmus, eat your heart out! Shaft have had something of a revolving lineup over the last decade and a half, and the personnel on this album includes various members of The Boxcar Guitars and The Situations. This current lineup brilliantly complements Bob's songs, with a tight rhythm section and backing harmonies. On a song like "Pacific Ocean", you could swear it was the Velvet Underground's Doug Yule singing BV's! And here's an interesting piece of trivia: on his sole visit to New Zealand in 1992, Kurt Cobain apparently spent a few hours tracking Bob's former band The Axemen's Flying Nun LP "Derry Legend", and included some of their songs in mix tapes he used to make, a fact verified in Kurt's published journals.

Released by Lil’ Chief Records on July 17, 2006

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