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L.S.T. by Shugo Tokumaru

$10.00 USD


  • CD + free download

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Lil' Chief's first non-New Zealand signing! Shugo Tokumaru's 'bedroom music' has been lavished with praise from media outlets such as London's WIRE magazine and the influential American music website, Pitchforkmedia. L.S.T. is Shugo Tokumaru's second official album, and is a heady mix of guitar, ukulele, musical saws, wind up toys, and other elaborate effect-makers. If you are familiar with his stunning debut, Night Piece, L.S.T. still shares the intimate atmosphere, elegant melodies and chamber-music-like harmonies that defined the former, but has a somewhat fuller (though no less appealing) sound, which highlights Shugo's growing confidence of an artist as songwriter and sound designer. Shugo has performed with some of the biggest names in indie music, including Animal Collective, Jens Lekman, Mount Eerie (the Microphones), Why?, Jeff Hanson (Kill Rock Stars), Joan of Arc ... the list goes on and on. The Lil’ Chief edition of L.S.T. comes with a bonus disc of exclusive b-sides, and interactive material including a beautiful game in the vein of Samorost, based around the album artwork, a remix game, lyric translations and more!

Released by Lil’ Chief Records on June 15, 2006

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