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Hello, Are You There? by Voom

$10.00 USD


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Buzz Moller is one of the most prolific songwriters you'll ever meet. As a young man he left his career as a stockbroker during the share-market crash of the late 1980's. Since then he has hosted a kids show on the local student radio station, worked as a plasterer, and recorded hundreds of incredible pop songs in his bedroom. Hello, Are You There? is the second full length album from Buzz's band, Voom, and their first release since 1998. With a huge amount of material to choose from, this record has songs which were recorded on 4-track as he was becoming disillusioned as a stockbroker, to very recent material, all pulled together to create something of a concept album about a relationship - the ultimate indie break-up album if you will. And it works wonderfully. Ranging from up-tempo power-pop to sad, slow songs of heartache and despair, this is a beautifully produced album from an unrecognized genius, and a band who just keep getting better and better.

Released by Lil’ Chief Records on June 5, 2006

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