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Open Sesame by Shaft

$10.00 USD


  • CD + free download

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LCR 008


Despite having been a staple on the live scene for more than a decade,
it took Shaft more than eight years to record and release their much
anticipated debut album. Mercifully, it was worth the wait, capturing
both Bob Cardy's strength as a lyricist ("Just Because") and Shaft's
raw energy as a rock 'n' roll band ("Cheap Candy"). Bob Frisbee
(creator of Frisbee Records/Studios) provided the production for the
album and allowed it to grow into a multi-layered rock 'n' roll opus,
running the gamut from sweet pop, to soul, through to epic
rock'n'roll. This album is a musical tour de force. The artwork is a
brilliant hand made collage by Rachelle Wood. You'll love it.

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