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Downtown Puff by Edmund Cake

$10.00 USD


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Downtown Puff is the product of the twisted but genius mind of Ed Cake (a.k.a. Ed McWilliams), and was one of those great 'lost' albums that you hear about. Prior to it's official release it was known by some as 'Me Oil'. Fortunately Lil' Chief was able to convince the notoriously hard to pin down Ed Cake that he had a great album sitting there, and that it was a crime that people could not hear it. At one time Ed was also a member of the brilliant, albeit short-lived, Flying Nun phenomenon Bressa Creeting Cake. The other two members, Geoff Maddock and Joel Wilton, went on to form Goldenhorse. Geoff and Joel contribute here, as do a multitude of names from the NZ music scene, including Neil and Tim Finn (much of the album was recorded at Neil's Auckland studio). At the time Downtown Puff was 'album of the year' for many people. Superb.

Released by Lil’ Chief Records on June 3, 2004

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